Snorkeling and Free Diving in the V.I.

I absolutely love free diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean waters. The water is so warm and clear that it feels like I have my own pool/ aquarium to swim in. In this video there are a ton of fish surrounding me because I had some fish food for them… Such a cool experience 🙂…

A Morning Full of Sailboats and Yachts

Tuesdays in the Caribbean seem to be a great day to go sailing or yachting (as long as it is not hurricane season)… as you can see from the pictures above . At one point there were 2 sailboats and 2 yachts and it was a pretty incredible view. I never get tired of waking…

Swimming with a Sea Turtle

If you are ever in St John, you should visit Maho Bay and try to find some Sea Turtles to swim with. They love it here because of the sea grass and I was lucky enough to swim with one 🙂

Walkway to Paradise 

Happy 5 years to my husband (2/12/12) We found this beautiful place yesterday 🙂 My husband and I found what i like to call a “walkway to paradise” yesterday…because it led us to this beautiful waterfall 🙂