Willy T~ Norman Island, B.V.I.


The Willy T is located off the coast of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. You will have to take a boat and tie up to the floating dock. As you can tell, here I am with a Heineken in my hand and a happy, buzzed look on my face on the floating dock. But what do you expect when you are island hopping and having a fun time.

Before we arrived, my husband had told me different stories about the “Willy T” and how  women would get free drinks if they went topless and jump off of the second story of the boat. On arrival I noticed that it was not as crazy as he had told me. It actually felt like a family restaurant and bar, but then again it was a Sunday Afternoon. One of the fun things to do on the Willy T was to jump off of the second story into the beautiful clear blue Caribbean water. After a leap of awesomeness into the water, you should definitely refresh yourself with one of your favorite cocktails. My husband and I decided that we would leave it up to the bartender Mark to make us something pretty and tasty. This is Mark and the pretty, fruity and strong cocktail that he made for me. 🙂img_2271


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