Daily Prompt: Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasure


“We are treasure finders, not treasure givers” -Me 12/4/16

Now what you are looking at is where my husband decided to give treasure to the ocean, right between those two islands. We shall call between these two islands “Go Pro Channel”. Well we were racing each other on the way to check out one of the private beaches on the island, but then it happened. My husband did a loopty loop and flew off the sea doo into the ocean. I look back and all I can see is his feet moving back and forth above the water and the rest of him was under the water. I immediately freaked out because everything was going fine, he was videoing me and then I look back and I think he hit his head or something. I was on the verge of jumping off of my sea doo to help him because I thought he was drowning or something and then he pops up. I was shaking because I was worried and then he told me he was trying to get the go pro. Well the water is about 20-30 feet and we did not have our snorkel gear with us, so Tada! TREASURE! Im guessing someone will find it one day, maybe we might go back with our gear to check it out. But until then, I guess we are Treasure givers, not finders…


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