A Bugs Life- Caribbean Style

Being a California girl, I never knew what to expect when I moved to the Caribbean. Obviously beautiful weather and beaches were to be expected, but I sure learned a lot more… There are a lot of bugs! Lets start off with the most obvious, the mosquito. Of course you plan to get bit, but when I moved to Tortola, British Virgin Islands,  I had over 100 bites within 3 days… and look at how big these suckers get:



Now look at this spider below… I woke up to this guy on my stomach. I swear to you I jumped out bed and ran out of the room so fast! Not the most ideal way to wake up in the morning.


Here is another huge spider my husband found in our koi pondfb_img_1469880091608

Yet some more spiders…This spider lived out in the trees in our front yard and we named her Charlotte, after the movie Charlotte’s Web. As you can tell, she has a lot of male admirers who will soon be her dinner…


Last but not least, I woke up one morning to these weird looking bugs on our counter looking like they were having a meeting… little did I know my husband found them dead and put them on display for me… how nice 🙂


So what you should know about living in the Caribbean is that there are a lot of bugs and no matter who you are, you better be prepared 🙂


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  1. Lol so funny because I’m from the Caribbean ( Jamaica) ! The funny thing is that mosquitoes bother foreigners more than people who are living on the Island for a long time. When I go back to my country they bother me because I’ve been away for a long time ( they love fresh blood)There are lots of ants too if you leave your food out in the open 🙂 Hope you enjoy.


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