624 Hours- My Daily Journal during the Worst Hurricanes in Atlantic History!

On September 6th, 2017 Hurricane Maria hit St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. Sustained winds of 185 mph and wind gusts up to 220 mph completely devastated the United States Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. Homes blown apart, people left homeless with nothing! Roofs ripped right off of homes and cars completely demolished. Catamaran boats flipped on top of businesses. No power, cell service, internet and for some, no food or water. Relief efforts from FEMA and St. Thomas declared a Disaster Area. Complete devastation, Only to be hit one more time with Hurricane Maria two weeks after Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria hit the islands that were already hurting and wiped them out with the massive amounts of rain that she let down. Land Slides, flooding, more broken down power lines, power lines on the ground in the flooded roads… a complete mess! This book is a look inside my life for the 26 days that I was stuck on the island of St. Thomas after Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin Islands.


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