Please Try and Help The Bahamas!

Well it is my TWO YEAR Anniversary of preparing for Hurricane Irma in St Thomas, USVI. Wow, I can’t believe I am writing about another Category 5 Hurricane exactly 2 years later.

My Daily Blog/Book going through Hurricane Irma and Maria in St Thomas, USVI 2017:

624 Hours: My Daily Journal during the Worst Hurricane’s in Atlantic History! (Hurricane Irma and Maria)

This time I am living in South Florida. When Dorian first came on the news and turned into a Category 4, and then a Category 5 , I was completely freaked out!

Hurricane Dorian

After going through Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017 directly on the Eye Wall of the Hurricanes, seeing this made my heart race. But what I went through in St Thomas, USVI is nothing compared to what the Bahamians are going through. So if you can donate in any way or just say prayers for them, it would be deeply appreciated! Much Love to Everyone and try to Stay SAFE!

Here is a news update on the Bahamas:

Bahamas after Dorian

Where can we help the Bahamians? I have looked around and here is some information I found:

I know there are other places, I am just happy if you help out in any way. Here is a list of items needed:

Diapers and Wipes

Baby food and formula

Pedialite (powder packs)

Gator aide/Electrolites/hydration powder

Rehydration salts



Batteries (especially D)



Solar battery and solar chargers

30 gallon or larger storage containers with lids

Plastic wrap

Duct tape / packing tape

Solar flood lights

Hand saws

Work gloves

Can openers

Sanitizer/Sanitizer wipes

Water purification devices

Disposable plates and cups

Camp stoves

Butane tanks





Pet food canned and dry

Toilet paper

Life Jackets/Floatation Device

Large sturdy waterproof bags

Heavy duty garbage bags

Solar fans/lights

Large tarps

Chain saws


Fuel/oil for generators

Non perishable food items

Dry formula and dry milk products

Cleaning supplies

Mold remediation items

Hygiene products

Feminine products

First add items and kits

Advil, Tylenol etc for adults and children

Hand sanitizer

Medical gloves





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