Sunday on Ocean Drive, South Beach Florida. Riding my bike while Social Distancing


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  1. Lisa Coleman says:

    All those cruise ships just sitting out there. Jacksonville opened up its port to several ships that dock out of Cape Canaveral since the shut down.


    1. Yeah I have never seen anything like it. Crazy times going on

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      1. Lisa Coleman says:

        None of us have. Florida is starting to open up and people are already being irresponsible! The police had to be called when a food truck opened on Cinco de Mayo with large crowds and no masks. We are still under social distancing rules. Ugh!


      2. Wow, like I said, crazy times we are living in. I have been staying inside. Did you see on the News the woman protesting yesterday in South Beach?

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      3. Lisa Coleman says:

        People are crazy and many of them have no sense. I believe in all our freedoms. I was a Marine and served my country for those freedoms but I also believe we have the right to live and survive. Ugh!


      4. I agree. Also, Thank you for your service to our Country πŸ™‚

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      5. Lisa Coleman says:

        Awe, thank you! It was my duty. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I need a marine corps emoji. 😊


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