Beach Life- Basic Beach Necessities I Love the beach and these are a few items I think you would benefit from having for your day at the beach ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beach Backpack Relliciga Bikini Beach Towel Beach Umbrella Misting Personal Fan Beach Chairs Beach Cruiser Bike  

The Beautiful Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, California

#WayBackWednesday Walking to the Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, California. The beach is beautiful and you can let your dogs have a great time on the beach or in the water. As you walk from the street to the beach, there are a bunch of squirrels around and they are adorable. If you have a…

Miami Beach Pride Parade

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday in Miami Beach, Florida. After catching a tan on the beach, I headed over to Ocean Drive to see the Pride parade. Lots of fun and lots of energy. A great day!

The Beach is My Happy Place

I love the beach and everything about it. The sun, the sand, the salty ocean and a great tan to go along with it. Click the link to purchase:ย The Beach Is My Happy Place I have been to many beautiful beaches and two of the most beautiful beaches I have been to are located in…