The Beautiful Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

If you are ever in Miami Beach and are looking for something besides the beach to do, I suggest taking a stroll through the Botanical Gardens. It is such a magical place and if you plan ahead with some food and drinks, you can have yourself a beautiful picnic.

Scuba Diving the Reef in the Virgin Islands

One of my favorite things to do in the Caribbean is to go swimming. Snorkeling, Free Diving and Scuba diving was amazing because of how clear blue the water is. Here is a video of me feeding the fish with broken up milk bones.

Walkway to Paradise 

Happy 5 years to my husband (2/12/12) We found this beautiful place yesterday 🙂 My husband and I found what i like to call a “walkway to paradise” yesterday…because it led us to this beautiful waterfall 🙂  

Boiled Bananas 

Made boiled bananas yesterday from our yard with salt and butter. Looking for any other great recipes… ☺