Amazing Beach Cruiser Bike for Women

If you are looking for a good looking Blue, Pink and White Beach Cruiser Bike for a great price, then I would suggest this bike. There are two colors and they both are great options. Blue, Pink and White Beach Cruiser Bike Grey, Red and Black Beach Cruiser Bike I just bought the blue and…

St Thomas & St John USVI 2017 Bye Bye 2017

Reflecting and looking back at 2017 and I chose to reflect on the good times that we had before the Hurricanes hit us. This is a video compilation of some of my favorite pictures during the first half of 2017.

Willy T~ Norman Island, B.V.I.

The Willy T is located off the coast of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. You will have to take a boat and tie up to the floating dock. As you can tell, here I am with a Heineken in my hand and a happy, buzzed look on my face on the floating dock….


I am here to help those who have not traveled to the areas that I have lived or traveled to. Those places include Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Whistler Canada, Hollywood, Tortola B.V.I., St. Thomas V.I. and many more. I will also let you know about different restaurants that I have enjoyed along the…